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Narrative Essay Topics For Perfect Writing

A narrative essay is different from any other piece of literature because it focuses on creating a ‘journey through time’.  The main purpose of a narrative essay is to create a mental image for the readers to ride, to imagine, and to feel the story that you are writing. Also, these types of essays are more poetic and subjective rather than objective in nature. Narrative essay topics (and writing method) are usually more descriptive in nature rather than persuasive and argumentative. In other words, you’re not asked to prove your point in writing this type of essay but rather, you are required to take the readers through your head and help them map out your ideas through the unique structure of narrative essay. However, despite the seeming simplicity of a writing a narrative essay is not as easy as you think. For one, thinking of good narrative essay topics is already a very daunting task, for the fact that if you’re topic is ‘boring’ and ‘narrow’, chances are, and you’ll have a lot of difficulties working on it. Thus, in order to help you with thinking of good narrative essay topics, here are some ideas for writing a narrative essay.

narrative essay topics

Top-30 Narrative essay topics for your paper writing

  1. They said that saving money is as easy as breathing. Despite this, many people still get broke because of too much spending. Write about a time in our life when you chose saving than buying what you really wanted.
  2. The golden rule states that “do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. Write one instance in your life when a good thing that you did came back in a fortunate event.
  3. Many people likes listening to music. Research says that listening to music improves studying habits. Write an instance in your life when you got a high score in an exam by listening to music while studying.
  4. While most people believe in the supernatural, there are plenty of people who don’t. Write about a family member who doesn’t believe in the supernatural.
  5. Writing and thinking about a good piece of literature is not easy just like looking for a good narrative essay topic. Write an instance where you found a very interesting narrative essay topic and how did you write it?
  6. Staying motivated is a simple state of mind. Write down some tips to stay motivated.
  7. Having good conversational skills is very important for day to day living. Write about an instance where you proved this to be true.
  8. A popular saying says that “You Only Live Once (YOLO)”. Tell us an instance where you did a risky thing because of this belief.
  9. One way to make things a little simpler is to ask someone to do it for you. Write about an instance where this thing worked.
  10. Ancient civilizations utilized the river to fuel their economic growth. Tell us an instance where a body of water near you helped in your day-to-day living.
  11. What you see is what is real. Do you believe in that saying? Tell us an instance when you believed in something despite not seeing it.
  12. All of us go through hardships in life. Write an instance about a hardship that you experienced.
  13. Write about the most innovative way that you solved a problem on your own.
  14. Saying is not easy as doing something. Tell us an instance where you said something but not do it.
  15. Emotional stress only last for about 10 minutes, and the next comes to you due to overthinking. Write an instance about this.
  16. One of the hardest thing to experience is the feeling of a loved one leaving. Write an instance about it.
  17. Looking for useful and practical narrative essay topics is very frustrating. Write one instance when you were able to think of a very practical and interesting topic.
  18. Fighting for what you love is a dominant belief for most people. But is it worth it? Write one instance when you pursue what you want and it really paid off.
  19. One of the best methods to have a good narrative essay topic is to wander and let your mind think while you go to other places. This is the same for writing any other piece of literature. Write about an instance when you were able to think of an interesting topic while wandering around.
  20. Shopping in a department store is frustrating at times, because of all the choices available. Write about an instance about how you made a choice between buying two different brands of the same item.
  21. Taking care of a pet is a journey for most people. What about you? Write about an instance about your experience in taking care of a pet.
  22. Who is your favorite TV personality? Write about your personality and why do you think you like him/her the most?
  23. Working hard is the mantra that most people believe in. Do you believe in this? Why so?
  24. Just like any other ideas that you have, a narrative essay idea usually reflects what you want to do in your life. What then do you want doing the most? Write about it.
  25. Having a partner in a relationship is not an easy task. Write about an instance where you had a partner and the difficulties that you faced. Write how both of you solved it.
  26. Putting someone else first before yourself is important from time to time. However, doing it very often is not healthy. Write an instance where you did this.
  27. Our parents are the first people who loved us more than anyone else. Write about it.
  28. Looking for the right opportunity might be difficult. Most of the time, we missed them. Write about an instance in your life when you missed a very wonderful opportunity. What did you do about it?
  29. Just like any other works out there, looking for a narrative essay idea is sparse, slow, and frigid. Write about an instance where you were able to find an idea immediately.
  30. What instances in your life do you find very interesting? What makes it so? Write about 3-4 instances in your life that you believe “would last forever”. Why so?

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